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Our Philosophy

Our service believes that children are capable, competent and active learners, and important contributors to their community. We value the importance of childhood and as educators we seek to contribute to all children realising their promise and potential, both now and in the future.  Children’s optimism, happiness and sense of fun is nurtured as educators promote inclusion and participation of all children.  High expectations and access to opportunities for success are recognised and promoted.

We believe in creating a welcoming environment where children and families are treated with respect and where partnerships are based on trusting, positive, open communication.  We value the strong links between children, families, educators, the school and community in promoting a collaborative approach to our service provision. Mutually supportive relationships are recognised as important and provide
the foundation on which our service is based.

Our Centre is committed to providing children with experiences of the natural world, to helping them understand their place within it, and to taking responsible action to preserve it.  We are committed to the sound environmental management of all aspects of the Centre’s operations. Learning about sustainability allows children to take pride in the place in which they live and to develop into concerned and contributing citizens.

As educators we endeavour to understand and accept different family practices, values, cultures, languages, traditions and lifestyle choices of families.  We promote a greater understanding of Indigenous ways of knowing and being in our daily practices.  Our program acknowledges children’s cultures, identities, abilities and strengths fostering positive outcomes for all children.  Children are made to feel safe, secure, respected and valued in our service.

Our educators are valued for their skills and experience that support, inform and enrich decision making about children’s wellbeing and development.   Educators foster independence, nurturing children’s imagination, interests, abilities and personal future. As professionals, we examine experiences in our setting and reflect on these experiences from different perspectives, continually seeking to increase our professional knowledge.

“Childhood is a time to be, to seek and make meaning of the world”.

My Time, Our Place, Framework for School Age Care in Australia. DEEWR, 2011.