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Matt Jepson, Year 3

“Mom – it is so cool – they have animals”

Tracy Baker, parent

“Families provide feedback and suggestions based on their experiences with the Centre. Families should feel comfortable to approach the Centre with any concerns or issues and be able to work with the staff to ensure each child has a safe and happy experience”

Ellie Axton, 12 years old

“During Vacation Care we do community excursions. We get to drop off all our recycling items that we gathered through our recycling programs”

Melissa Samuelson, parent

“We love that the educators that Warrawee Care Centre work to create opportunities for children to have enriched, challenging experiences”

Donna Pellarini, parent

“The teachers are very friendly, helpful and professional. They interact well with the children and are very approachable and down to earth. This helps give the Centre a relaxed and inclusive feel. There is always a variety of activities on offer, both inside and outside – ball games, skipping ropes, hoola hoops, bingo, craft, drawing / art etc and even marshmallows at the camp fire. The support, activities, education and interest suggest that the teachers genuinely care for the children.”

Emily Henderson, Educator

“Children are encouraged to be creative with their play spaces.  We provide flexible learning spaces for children that encourage shared thinking, creativity and team work”

Hamish Pollard, 7 years old.

“The best part of after school care is being able to make friends with all kids in different grades.  I’ve got to be friends with some of the kids in my big sister’s grade” 

Tanya Kirkham, parent

“The interactions between staff and children have always been engaging and respectful.  My child talks of the friends he has at Warrawee Care Centre and to him they are the staff as well as the other children that attend.

Through my communications with staff (which are always welcome, friendly and inviting) I am extremely impressed with how well they know my son and his interests, he enjoys his time at the Centre with staff creating experiences that interest and challenge him all while having fun.”