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Vacation Care


Excursion information- For all excursions children must be on-site signed in at 830am for 9am departure.

What to pack for Excursion Days

Your child will need a small backpack to take on excursions. Please no shoulder bags as this can be difficult especially with lots of walking. You will also need to pack a picnic lunch and a refillable drink bottle. Please ensure that you pack a Sun Safe hat and raincoat. Please no umbrellas! Appropriate clothing including a Sun Safe hat. Please wear sensible walking shoes eg sneakers- NO SANDALS OR THONGS!!

Staff reserve the right to restrict activities if your child is not prepared for their day at the Centre with the above listed items.  You will be  charged for a poncho if it is required whilst out on the excursion.

What to pack for in Centre Vacation Care days

Your child will need morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea. Remember, vacation care days are much longer than school days so always a good idea to pack extra snacks just in case. A refillable drink bottle is also recommended. Children will also need a Sun Safe hat and sensible shoes…this means sneakers, not sandals or thongs. A spare change of clothes is also a good idea.

No responsibility will be accepted for children’s property brought to the Centre.  We suggest that any expensive or precious toys be left at home and all equipment and loose clothing be labelled clearly with your child’s name! 

Healthy Lunch Box Ideas –Busy kids need a healthy lunch and snacks to boost their energy and help them concentrate throughout the day.  Remember your child is welcome to bring HEALTHY food to be microwaved or refrigerated as long as it does not contain nuts.

Keep it fresh – packing the lunch box

It is important to keep food in the lunch box cold to inhibit the growth of harmful bacteria.  Pack the school lunch in an insulated lunch box and include a small freezer brick or freeze a bottle of water.

Children who do not have appropriate food in their lunch box or who come with no food will be provided with healthy foods at a charge –

Morning tea / afternoon tea- vegetable sticks or fresh fruit.

Lunch- corn cakes or sandwich with a variety of salad toppings / cheese and cold meats.

Food is available for children who are hungry in between meal and snack times.  The Centre has a “HUNGRY BOX” that is kept in the fridge and filled with a variety of foods for children to munch on.

Importance of Water for Children –Staff recognise how important it is for children to stay hydrated as they are constantly on the go throughout the day.  The Centre has outdoor bubblers so children can ensure they have access to water to drink..

In General –

Late Fees:   The Centre charges late fees of $25 per 15 minutes or part therof, this is paid on arrival at the Centre or invoiced if you are a regular user.  Please notify the Centre if you are going to be late.

Collection of Children from Centre:  If a child is to be collected by someone other than the parent, a written permission form must be completed by the parent and given to the Centre prior to their collection.